"Well done good and faithful servant; enter thou into the joys of the lord".

Rest In Peace W. Bro. Dunn.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

new location


I will be blogging in a new location.


click "blog" at the top. It won't always be philosophical or esoteric but it will always be me. Unless of course the domain gets discontinued. ;)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Silence & Circumspection

For those who still check here and have noticed a lack of recent content I decided a long time ago only to post when I had something to say.

As of late my masonic voice has been a bit silent. I have been questioning some internal business within my heart and have been meditating on how I feel about certain particulars which will go unnamed.

This situation has struck a particular chord within my heart and has rung ever since. I am a bit disheartened at this and have consulted privately with many brethren (both those within and without my jurisdiction) exactly what it is I should do about this. I realize it comes down to me & a matter of how I feel in my heart – and my heart is very upset. I basically have two options: stand up for what I believe is right or ignore the whole thing entirely.

The issue with this is I feel if I bring it up now I will cause harm between myself and the physical and mental Freemasonry I know and love. If I don't bring it up I won't be standing up for what I believe in. As one brother succinctly said “it is not that often that one gets to stand up for what is truly right”.

You see; what's going on is the exact opposite of what I believe we are taught as masons from the beginning. It is one of the first things we hear as far as teachings go in Freemasonry and yet I feel it is the first that has been ignored for far too long. It is quickly becoming fixed in many jurisdictions. In some it was never an issue to begin with.

I had originally thought to demit. The seriousness of this contemplation came to me after another talk with a brother who said “we can't change the system for the positive if we are not there”.

I feel as though I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can't deny this because I don't believe in it but I can't seem to pull the trigger on affirmative action, either.

I know this is incredibly vague. I'm putting how I feel out mentally. Have you ever felt the same in any way and what did you do to fix it in the most amicable way possible for all involved? For the brethren who are reading that I have talked to personally about this I want to thank you from the bottom of my masonic heart.

To leave this on a positive note we have been booming with degree work. We entered two brothers and raised two more. We are entering another in a week, hopefully passing another at the end of this month and raising another the month after that in a Past Masters Degree Night.

All is not hopeless; All is not lost.

“Behold! How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity...”

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Towards the east (& further)

“Who will teach him to approach the east, the source of light...”

Why approach the east?

In taking our first steps in freemasonry we approach the east because it is the source of light; of knowledge. Of mind and of Deity. We approach the east because we have been traveling in darkness from the North. Once the light crests over the hill and into our eyes our spiritual world becomes illuminated. Without light from the sun we could not live. Plants could not live. Light is, in many ways, essential. It's most memorizing in the east because that's when you first notice it. However, coming from the east the light is only partial. It shows but a portion of our spirituality as it has just risen. The light, masonically, has other directions to travel – West, South & everywhere in between.

Why are we partial to the east?

When the sun rises in the east it creates a natural phenomenon (a sunrise). Anyone who has been mindful of a sunrise can tell you it's incredibly breathtaking. Analogously, when we're first learning spiritually our mind is empty and without knowledge or experience. We tend to notice the little things more; but as time goes on we tend to ask more questions, consider ourselves experts and fail to notice the simplistic beauty of the sunrise. We take it for granted that “our religion is concrete and correct” and don't take it to our hearts, instead taking it to our heads and either forget the message or miss it entirely.

Why follow the sun west?

Assistance is necessary. If plants were to rely solely on the sun they wouldn't get the correct nutrients they need. Depending on the plant it could need any variety of soils, specific weather conditions or any other expectations. Similarly, spirituality alone won't save our souls. We must believe with the whole of our hearts that we can forgive, that we can love & care for one another as one family: as one religious experience. We are no different from each other. If we break down the walls of selfishness and turn to selflessness we will prosper. Everyone has to recognize we are all experiencing the same existence.

Why rest in the south?

It's a natural cycle. Life can't continue to grow at a rapid rate without having a rest. Existence requires consistent refining of our goals, our views & our cares. If we were to press forward without rethinking our position within the circle we would never get ourselves anywhere. If we never rested we'd be too wary to get through the day to day experience of life. Resting rebuilds our convictions. Similar to a muscle it's not the lifting that builds it but the resting in between. It's the resting that strengthens our character, unifies our cause & saves our soul.

“Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth... While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened...”

Friday, March 21, 2008

Why are you a freemason?

This is my project. To get good men in masonry & masonry in good men that wish to be masons. This is how I aim to do this - http://www.freewebs.com/solomonlodge36/petition.htm . By requests for a petition (*or alternatively an online petition).

Yep, that's it. Technology. This is my request for you guys and why I posted it here.

I think that the foundation of this brotherhood is the members who are active in it. I think that people who aren't masons who want to be masons want to know why we are masons (I'm almost sure I could have worded that better). what do we get out of it? so that's my question. here's why i'm asking. I believe testimonials from men who are masons will inspire someone just that much more to want to become a brother. So what do you get out of freemasonry and what have you given back?


*(EDIT: It has been ok'ed by the grand sec'y and my WM. the grand sec'y says GL doesn't have an issue with it and and he suggested the next time the jurisprudence committee gets together they put together some kind of guidance for the blue lodges but says that "we're doing the correct thing in sending a PM or two out to 'pre-interview' a prospective candidate).

Also, for the record here is my testimonial.

"I'm a freemason because it has helped me (through ritual and meeting with my brethren) to better myself spiritually and physically. I've met many a great man either online or off whom I'm very proud to call my brother and have had great experiences I otherwise wouldn't have known about had I not been a mason; such as: fraternal dinners, traveling and visiting other lodges, reading and an overall lifestyle change in that my perspective on life and meaning of life has evolved".

Yours doesn't have to be so lengthy but it can be if you choose. I also want blue lodge info, but that is not required. By the way, I want to post this on our lodge website so keep that in mind. Thank you very much. (EDIT: Posting them, you can see them or make your comments to my questions here.) Thank you again.

Monday, February 25, 2008


I recently have found a program (for windows/mac/linux) that can help you explore the solar system. It's called Celestia. It's a really great program and you can turn features on and off according to your systems needs. It can get pretty intense mapping out constellations and comet tails, so you have the option to turn these (and many other things) on and off. By the way, it's free.



Friday, February 8, 2008

Petitions Galore

Due to the 'request a petition' link Solomon Lodge has had several (around 4) requests come in. I've met all these men and know none of them personally.

The way the form works is this:

-a prospective candidate fills out the request form
-I get the request and tell them the next time the brethren are meeting at the lodge
-we meet the man, hand him his petition & get him to fill it out
-he waits a bit so that someone gets to know him more so we can sign his petition, thus sending out an investigative committee.

This has really taken off in the short period of time I've had it up. Hopefully all these men will become 'true and faithful brothers among us'.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GM Official Visitation Solomon 36

This blog contains more of my masonic travels.

Solomon Lodge had the honor of receiving the Grand Master of Masons tonight. There was a lovely speech most important to this blog by Worshipful Leon Ware Grand Steward. As I'm horrible at paraphrasing I'll give you the basic gist of his story. It mentioned of our need to make use of our working tools - to keep them 'oiled' and 'well maintained' and that the proper care of our tools is the proper care of our principles as masons. I'll try and get a copy of this speech and type it up in PDF format. If I can't get a copy I'll let you know.

I also attended an EA degree at Union # 7. I brought our newest EA along & it was well attended. It was great to see many brethren attend an EA (in our lodge --since it is a two story building-- it's a bit harder for us to get brethren out). Among them W. Bro. Hiott was in attendance acting on behalf of the GM giving out the GM year pin (and trying to sell the GMs theme pin for $5. The money goes to the jobs daughters/demolay charity. The GMs theme is "Freemasonry - Live It!"; which is also very important to this blog). I believe we lose sight of 'living' freemasonry and just go into the subculture of being its members - that is why I enjoyed the speech so much by W.Bro. Ware.